Notes are collectibles present in both The Coma: Recut and The coma 2: Vicious Sisters, through which the players get to know pieces of lore about events, characters and locations surrounding The Coma universe.


The Coma: Recut[edit | edit source]

Seho's Notes[edit | edit source]

The Night at School[edit | edit source]

I had a strange experience, I ended up staying at school late to finish some homework that's due tomorrow. I was so exhausted, I ended up falling into a deep sleep. When i woke up I knew something was very wrong.

-Written by Seho Gill

A Mysterious Girl[edit | edit source]

I ran into a mysterious girl. I've never seen her around but she's definitely the hottest girl at Sehwa. She wasn't stuck up either! when we made eye contact, I knew I was in love.

-Written by Seho Gill

Uncomfortably Safe[edit | edit source]

She grabbed my hand and said, "You're here!" I've never experienced anything like it before. She led me out of the classroom and into the dark halls of the school. Somehow, I knew everything was gonna be okay... because she was with me.

-Written by Seho Gill

The School in Madness[edit | edit source]

The school she guided me through didn't seem real. This wasn't the Sehwa i knew. The halls seemed so dark and foreboding. A gloomy atmosphere had overtaken the place. I had a feeling that if we stuck together, we'd be okay. I guess i was still a little disoriented but i trusted her.

-Written by Seho Gill

Magic[edit | edit source]

I couldn't believe what i was seeing. She was performing telekinesis like a sorceress straight out of some kind of game. Books, pencils, erasers... they were floating in a circle above her head. If it wasn't obvious before, she definitely had my attention now.

-Written by Seho Gill

The First Negotiation[edit | edit source]

She told me I could learn magic too. I mean, who hasn't fantasized about having powers like that? I would kick every bully's ass that ever messed with me. Or maybe I'd earn my fame and fortune performing miracles with my fireballs! She said there was only one thing she wanted in exchange...

-Written by Seho Gill

Rusty Recorder[edit | edit source]

I found a recorder in the old storage room. Mad Dog sent Taehoon and I to clean it out a few days ago. Taehoon said it looked old and useless, but i thought it seemed like a collectible antique. Maybe I'm finally kicking off my career as the Korean Indiana Jones!

-Written by Seho Gill

Log Out[edit | edit source]

She held her hand out to me, as if she wanted something. At that moment, i was suddenly pulled back and woke up. I had slept all night in the school. It was an unusual dream but i wanted to experienc it again... if only to see her one more time.

-Written by Seho Gill

Guidebook[edit | edit source]

The dream was so clear that I decided to revisit the old storage room again. I found an old tome that confirmed the magic, girl, and strange school were all real. So my experiece wasn't a dream after all. I had actually been exploring another realm.

-Written by Seho Gill

The Trigger[edit | edit source]

Turns out, the rusty recorder is a key to another dimension. It's an old relic linked to the school's tragic history. Its potent spiritual energy gives me access to this "shadow realm". By playing a specific melody i may even have the power to rule this place... interesting.

-Written by Seho Gill

The 2nd Negotiation[edit | edit source]

I found the mysterious girl again, but she seemed a bit weird. She hand an insidious smile when she asked, "Where have you been?" I asked wether she was gonna teach me magic again but she just held out her hand. She was staring wistfully at the old recorder, and I realized I had something that was very important to her. I also had a nagging feeling that she'd kill me if she got what she wanted.

-Written by Seho Gill

A Musical Performance[edit | edit source]

When I pulled the recorder from my jacket, she looked shocked. I already know how to play and I'm not that bad either. When I started playing, she let out an inhuman scream and tried to grab me. She seemed to be restrained by an invisible chain. She looke creepy as hell, but I wanted to subdue her for her own good.

-Written by Seho Gill

The Peace is Broken[edit | edit source]

She's powerful. I was lucky enough to survive her last attack. She's doing everything in her power to kill me. But i can't leave this world just yer! First off, it's doubtful that I'll be back here again. However, I do have a small confession: I don't wanna lose her. She's MY beautiful succubus and as her summoner i've gotta make sacrifices. It's for her own good.

-Written by Seho Gill

The Genie is Mine[edit | edit source]

I finally captured her. I almos lost my mind... and an arm. Lucky enough, I know how to play the recorder. She was floating unconsciously after all the chaos. I commanded her to raise her hands and she complied. I asked her to pull a cute pose and she really did it. I realized i had discovered an amazing power. Why go back to the real world when i can rule here?

-Written by Seho Gill

Cheating Works[edit | edit source]

Somehow, this world reminds me of the games I've played. When i break a window here, its opposite is broken in the waking world. I even traded my incomplete homework with some chump and he submitted as if it was his! This is great. It's like I'm hacking reality. For once, school's actually exciting. Besides, I'm planning to test bigger things soon...

-Written by Seho Gill

Sleeping Evil[edit | edit source]

Controlling the Shade is getting tough. I've used her for a variety of tasks and i can feel her strength growing. Whenever she starts to wake up, the school becomes unstable. I should seriously memorize some safe places to play the recorder. It's the only way to keep her bound.

-Written by Seho Gill

How to Control Her[edit | edit source]

Stability is paramount. Without it, I'll lose her. I've run out of options. I've marked each ritual location with red paint. It's only by playing the recorder at one of these ritual sites that i can lull her into being calm. There are still some places I'd rather avoid. The smell of that one class still gives me a headache.

-Written by Seho Gill

Shadows of the Living[edit | edit source]

We all have shadows. Our very existence casts a shadow in this spirit world. Shades may be able to pull these shadows from the people who cast them. This is done for a number of reasons. Shades that detach a shadow may control it like a puppet. I've learned that these Shades are called "Puppet Masters". Sometimes this detachment actually affects the person "casting" the shadow from the waking world.

-Written by Seho Gill

There are More[edit | edit source]

I was suprised to learn there are even more Relics like my recorder scattered around the world. My recorder is one of the most powerful Relics of Sehwa High. All things considered, I'm pretty damn lucky! Maybe I should visit some other schools at night to see what I can dig up.

-Written by Seho Gill

Hidden Secret[edit | edit source]

The Shade's a bit weird. She has done as asked... for the most part. Yet, some secrets persist. I once asked her to bring Mina to me. Instead, she brought me a mute puppet of her. Despite my orders, she never told me how she made the puppet. Maybe I'll never know. In any case, I enjoyed seeing Mina... even if we couldn't shoot the shit and chat.

-Written by Seho Gill

Twisted Love #1[edit | edit source]

Much like all the other guys at Sehwa, I've got it bad for Mina. She's always been so nice to me. I know I'm not a handsome, smart, or funny guy. Why would she be interested in a fat geek when she already has every guy in school after her? I know that ass-hole Myung-gil is always bugging her, and I can't stand it. I don't need to be scared of him though. Now that I have these new powers, I can end his harassment. Maybe then, she'll fall for me.

-Written by Seho Gill

Twisted Love #2[edit | edit source]

I've become a full-on Dark Lord since I discovered this place. I've been thinking about bringing Mina here. It'd be nice to have her by my side. I should order the Shade to bring her to me. I mean, I would never hurt Mina. I just want her here with me, in my throne room.

-Written by Seho Gill

Twisted Love #3[edit | edit source]

The Shade fails me sometimes. Even in her efforts to create manipulable puppets. I wanted Mina here, but she couldn't even manage a simple fetch quest! She failed to bring me Mina's shadow. The cloned shadow she DID bring was an abomination. I feel guilty tough... as if I ruined Mina somehow. I know it's not the real her. I still ordered the Shade to get Mina's corrupted shadow out of my sight...

-Written by Seho Gill

Myung-gil[edit | edit source]

Even with this newfounder power, all I ever wanted was some peace at school. That didn't stop Myung-gil from punching me in the face though. Then he has the gall to say, "Don't swagger like that!" That asshole can't talk to me like that any more! Whatever the cost, my girl's gonna bring that son of a bitch to his knees. I'm gonna hammer that sly mug of his til there's nothing left!

-Written by Seho Gill

Sehwa Staff and Students' Notes[edit | edit source]

Security Officer's Diary[edit | edit source]

Sehwa is old, so maintenance is expensive. The buildings don't look bad though. The exteriors have new design. Wouldn't it be better to knock the old ones down and start from scratch though? I don't get the Sehwa Foundation's fascination with maintaining these old buildings.

-Written by Security Officer Kim

The Cafeteria[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Sehwa High Cafeteria! We gladly serve beverages and snacks at a 50% discount for all Sehwa students who are exhausted from studying. All profits go toward improving Cafeteria services! (11:00 A.M. - 09:00 P.M.)

-Written by Cafeteria Staff

Elite Classes[edit | edit source]

Unlike public schools, Sehwa High chooses its elite students and organizes them into a selected class for each grade. The administrators expect this to have a synergistic effect and to evoke a competitive atmosphere. It has proven to be an efficient system for academic results. However, a few irrational parents and students who don't make the cut still complain.

-Written by Vice-principal Jim

Authorities[edit | edit source]

Headmaster Mott doesn't actually know anything about management or education. He's just an entitled American blessed with a rich family. I can't stand his attitude but I should lead by example. This is my school and he should learn it's being run by an intelligent, powerful, passionate Korean woman!

-Written by Principal Lee

Sehwa High School[edit | edit source]

Sehwa High School welcomes you! Our guidance ensures our students' acceptance at the best universities and guarantees them a bright future! Our school has won numerous awards, is equipped with state of the art facilities, employs the most talented teachers, and has a rich history of success. No bullies, failed subjects, or unwanted pressure will be an obstacle to your success here. Come to Sehwa High School for a better future!

-Written by Principal Lee

Math Teacher Mr. Ma[edit | edit source]

A lot of people don't know his actual name. The math teacher's known as 'Mad Dog' because he may really be crazy. When he sees any evidence of smoking, drinking, or bullying, he goes on a rampage! Sometimes fear is a good weapon, but that's all he knows. He's the conservative type, and doesn't really appreciate his students. He thinks he's a rocker but acts more like a drill sargeant. The guy's just nuts.

-Written by Troubled Student

Medical Center[edit | edit source]

School Nurse Nah is so hot! I heard she's in her mid-twenties and this is her first school job. Let's just say that after her arrival , a lot of students seemed to get sick out of the blue. Dammit, I think I may be comin' down with something

-Written by Lovestruck Student

Study Room[edit | edit source]

I want to thank everyone for coming to the evening study sessions. I hope your effort will result in good grades. It's been brought to my attention that some of you scoundrels are playing hooky to go downtown. Needless to say, I wont accept this and if you're spotted by me, tough luck. You'll study in a room with yours truly, FACE TO FACE. Just try it!

-Written by Mad Dog

Counseling Center[edit | edit source]

Many parents are under the illusion that the Counseling Room is actually being used to counsel students. You can forgive them for that, considering that's what the name suggests and they're paying good money for their children's tuition. Little do they know, the school's senior teacher, Mr. Ma, just lives there. He keeps sealed up so tight, even his rank foot odor barely escapes. The only traffic in or out are the few delinquents sent to him for punishment each day.

-Written by Concerned Student

Computer Lab[edit | edit source]

You'd be surprised to learn that a lot of students are basically self-taught hackers, since they sure know how to crack pirated games. The school keeps this Computer Lab and has asked me to teach them something more productive. I don't know whose bright idea that was. How can you teach a load of MMO addicts anything, much less in one shor lesson per week. At least i get the satisfaction of deleting any troublemaker's save when he or she crosses me.

-Written by Computer Teacher Bang

A Secret Order[edit | edit source]

Destroy this message once you've read it. When i give the signal, disable the CCTV on the first floor, and clear the area. I don't care how. I have some business to take care of withe the school nurse. Don't do anything rash, and remember who provides money to you and your family.

-Written by Headmaster Mott

A Strange Reservation[edit | edit source]

Hey, baby. How was your day? I hope I can see you tonight. Shall we meet in your office? Please make sure the students are gone by 5 p.m. This evening would be a fantastic time to discuss your devotion to the school, and payin off that student loan, don't you think?

-Written by Headmaster Mott

Nurse Nah's Confess[edit | edit source]

I have a confession to make. I took a huge sum of money from Headmaster Mott. I didn't think i could endure my financial problems any longer. I racked up a massive student loan debt, and couldn't ask my family for money. I had no choice but to accept his offer. But i can't do this anymore. In the end, I'm no better than him. Please let me make this right.

-Written by School Nurse Nah

Nightmare[edit | edit source]

I've been having the strangest, recurring dream. In it, I'm always running through the school halls, chasing these giant cookies and pieces of cheese... like I'm starving. I always remember these dreams when i wake up, and they're unlike any I've ever had before. What if this is my body subconscious way of telling me I've taken my diet a little too far?

-Written by Ms. Song

Counseling Report[edit | edit source]

Taehoon Jung / Freshman, Class 1-B / Wants to be a famous reporter. / Severely bullied by classmate Myung-gil Kang. / Seems to be more to the story than he's letting on. / Looks nervous, and, frankly, out of his mind.

-Written by Mad Dog

The Warning[edit | edit source]

His name is Taehoon, from Class 1-B. Not the most popular kid, and a bit of a geek. He's been a loner since middle school, and is often ostracized by other students. His seat is right in front of Myung-gil who can be a bully at times. Why am I always getting reports on Myung-gil's behavior? He used to be such a good kid, but I guess he's been running with the wrong crowd lately. I need to have a talk with him.

-Written by Mad Dog

Band Aid[edit | edit source]

How can we continue to let that crazy band teacher Ms. noh do this to our students? The racket her class makes can't be good for the more diligent students, some of whom are studying well into the evening. This can't continue, her frivoulous noise festivals are distracting Sehwa's students from more important subjects. If the Headmaster isn't going to do anything about her, I'll just have to take matters into my own hands.

-Written by Principal Lee

Executive Order[edit | edit source]

Ms Noh, your musical talent is commendabel. However, the music classes are distracting our children's efforts to get in good universities. Music is an important subject, but this is coming straight from the Headmaster Mott. We will be cutting funds for several band activities. He also wants me to inform you that after school practice will no longer be necessary. I hope you understand.

- Written by Principal Lee

Art is Important[edit | edit source]

Ms. Noh is a good friend, and she told me everything about the Principal's letter to her. She was taken aback, when some workers asked her for the North Building Passcode. They're moving her instruments to the Main Building's Underground Storage. Ms. Noh said she knows something about Headmaster Mott, and she might let the cat outta the bag if he decides to go trough with this. Oh dear, I hope she doesn't do anything crazy!

-Written by Art Teacher Jang

Move Out[edit | edit source]

Thanks for all your hard work, though I'm not exactly excited about moving all my instruments into that graveyard. The gate of the North Building is locked electronically. The password is **1345**. Don't forget to press the enter button to open the door. Do as Principal Lee says, but make sure not to drop any of the instruments. They are VERY expensive. I will check for damage myself later, so be careful.

-Written by Music Teacher Noh

My PC is Broken[edit | edit source]

Hey Mr. Bang, my computer got another virus. I tried to fix it myself, but don't really know what I'm doing. This computer is really important for my work. Fortunately, there's another PC in my office where I keep my test scores, so I'm fine for now. Nevertheless, please fix it ASAP. Whenever you're finished, please call me. Thanks.

-Written by Mad Dog

Myung-gil, Mina and Taehoon's Notes[edit | edit source]

Myung-gil Loves Mina[edit | edit source]

Hey Mina. Remember me? It's Myung-gil Kang. I'm pretty much the most popular guy in class 1-B, as I'm sure you're aware. Our classes are right next door to one another after all. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I've always tought you were a cutie, since back in middle school. I think we should go out sometime. Text me if you're interested! I'm a good guy, so don't believe all the gossip... especially whatever your buddy Da-hyun says.

-Written by Myung-gil Kang

Mina's Reply[edit | edit source]

So, you're the jerk who's been harassing my friends? Da-Hyun told me everything! What makes you think I would ever consider going on a date with a clueless oaf like you? NO WAY!

-Written by Mina Park

Blackmail[edit | edit source]

Yo. TaeGOON. Come with me after the final bell. We need to talk. Don't even think about telling anyone else about this!

-Written by Myung-gil Kang

Strange Behavior[edit | edit source]

My friend Seho has been acting strange since the day we found a rusty, old recorder. He kept going on about what a cool antique it was, but I couldn't have cared less. Since then, he's looked like a mess and, judging from his eyes, probably isn't sleeping well. He also seems distracted whenever he sees me now. I don't know why he's behaving this way, but surely it's not because he thinks I'm gonna make fun of his little recorder...

-Written by Taehoon Jung

Stop the Evil[edit | edit source]

I know what Seho's trying to do. He isn't the friend I once knew. Something evil is gripping him. I might be the only one who can stop him before it's too late...

-Written by Taehoon Jung

Endless Hunger[edit | edit source]

I don't Know why, but I've felt really hungry for the past few days. I'm not working out more than usual, but my stomach growls nonstop, begging for food. I even asked the guys to pick up some packs of my favorite pizza bread, but, whenever i eat them, it's like they're not even reaching my stomach. No effect. The strangest thing is that I only experience this at school.

-Written by Myung-gil Kang

Yaesol's Notes[edit | edit source]

Yaesol's Report: Ghosts[edit | edit source]

The tragic history and emotional suffering that has taken place at Sehwa High created these shadows. They call the school their home now and the stronger onces can even control the fabric of The Coma. The strongest ones are capable of telekinesis, curses, and causing horrific hallucinations. They often obsess over their past failures and have daily routines. Avoid them whenever possible.

-Written by Yaesol Han

Yaesol's Report: Shades[edit | edit source]

Like Sisyphus, most lost shadows are doomed to repeat the same meaningless tasks over and over. Nevertheless, some of them manifest with such strong willpower that they become self-aware. We call these lucid spirits "Shades". Unfortunately, some of these Shades are desperate to cross into our realm.

-Written by Yaesol Han

Yaesol's Report: Shadow Puppets[edit | edit source]

Shadow Puppets are manipulated by Shades to serve them. Since their existence in The Coma is unnatural, they are very unstable. They have no problem killing and it's best to remain alert while in the presence of one. They're anchored to effigies of their real world counterparts, not unlike voodoo dolls.

-Written by Yaesol Han

Yaesol's Report: The Coma[edit | edit source]

The Coma is a shadowy, twisted version of the waking world. There are many ways to enter it, but doing so can be dangerous. Some may only experience The Coma for a few hours. More unfortunate souls may get trapped here for decades. These disconnected souls can be seen aimlessly roaming The Coma. Ghost Vigilantes coined the term, "Coma" due to the real world consequences of getting trapped here.

-Written by Yaesol Han

Sumi Park Notes[edit | edit source]

Tome Page: Entering The Coma[edit | edit source]

A member of the living may enter the Coma as if experiencing a nightmare. This may Simply be due to his or her mental state, or a more serious "disturbance" between realms. It's usually easy to extract visitors and they tend to forget everything. However, under more unfortunate circumstances, subjects may find themselves trapped here. When that happens, their bodies in the waking world go comatose

-Written by Sumi Park, Ghost Vigilante

Tome Page: Relics #1[edit | edit source]

Relics have a powerful connection with The Coma. Possessing one is the easiest way to enter The Coma and move about freely. If a Relic, such as the one I have, is connected with a location's tragic history, then its powers becomes even stronger.

-Written by Sumi Park, Ghost Vigilante

Tome Page: Relics #2[edit | edit source]

Each Relic has its own "pull". this anchors the owner of a Relic to The Coma. Just as one is bound to the earth by gravity, so too is one bound to The Coma by the "weight" of his or her Relic. Without full possession of The Relic that brought one here, exiting The Coma is difficult. This gravity must be overcome.

-Written by Sumi Park, Ghost Vigilante

Tome Page: Relics #3[edit | edit source]

Every Relic has both physical and spiritual forms. A Relic that has been brought into The Coma will usually manifest as its physical form. While here, though one may hold what appears to be the Relic in hand, that is merely its spiritual form. Sometimes, powerful Relics can bestow their owners with powers. Of course, the energy itself is without volition, leaving the owner to freely wield its power.

-Written by Sumi Park, Ghost Vigilante

Tome Page: Exiting The Coma #1[edit | edit source]

If the integrity of a Relic becomes compromised (for example, if it's broken apart), its strong "pull" in The Coma makes it impossible to cross back to the physical world. This pull can only be escaped with the full Relic. Owners cannot be roused from The Coma by real world sounds, or even physical contact. In a worst case scenario, one can become completely disconnected from the real world.

-Written by Sumi Park, Ghost Vigilante

Tome Page: Exiting The Coma #2[edit | edit source]

To exit The Coma, one must return where he or she entered. The Relic anchors itself to this point of entry. Like the eye of a hurricane, this point is where The Coma's force is weakest. From here, escape is possible. So long as I possess the full Relic, I will be able to leave freely.

-Written by Sumi Park, Ghost Vigilante

Tome Page: The Shade[edit | edit source]

I found a Rusty Recorder that corroborates an old tale I heard. The victim it belonged to has become the most powerful Shade roaming The Coma of Sehwa High. She's extremely dangerous now and beyond my powers of control. I was able to imprison her, albeit briefly, by using the Recorder Relic. Unfortunately, she has returned. Can she be eliminated for good?

-Written by Sumi Park, Ghost Vigilante

Toma Page: My Relic[edit | edit source]

My pendant was gifted to me by a mysterious shaman girl. Receiving it marked the beggining of my strange Journey as a Ghost Vigilante. It keeps my mind sharp in The Coma and repels the Shade. Without it, I would already be dead or imprisoned by that old evil.

-Written by Sumi Park, Ghost Vigilante

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters[edit | edit source]

Sumi's Notes[edit | edit source]

Life in Gwangju, Sumi[edit | edit source]

It was the Autumn of 1938 that i was born to a family of humble means. For seven years, we lived in our small family house in Gwangju. My father worked as a farmer harvesting rice and barley. Mother worked at the cotton mills. My older brother Suho and I tended to the chores our parents couldn't see to. In those years, everyone carried their weight. That's what was expected --- and we did so with great diligence. Those were difficult years, but we were happy because we had the great comfort of each other's company and laughter.

A Fateful Day, Sumi[edit | edit source]

August 15th, 1945 was the day of my 7th birthday. The nation celebrated its independence for the first time after 35 years. My father believed it to be a good omen that his daughter's birthday should fall on such a day. My mother scolded him for being too supersticious. At the end of that month, he suddenly announced we were selling our land and moving to Seoul to seek better opportunities and be closer to his brother. As a young girl, I still remember our journey to the big city felt like ages. To while away the hours, my brother taught me how to play his recorder. He would continue to tutor long after. Those sessions are now precious memories.

The Sehwa Institute, Sumi[edit | edit source]

The months after our arrival in Seoul were turbulent. To my father's dismay, it was a dangerous time of political upheaval. My famili settled in an undeveloped city district called Songreung. It was most notable for two things then; the distinct presence of Catholic missionaries, and the preeminence of the Sehwa Institute, owned by a mysterious American family. Our community knew the organization well for its various outreach efforts. Despite the benefits their development projects did for our district, a suspicious fog of secrecy shrouded the Sehwa Institute.

Learning English, Sumi[edit | edit source]

The Sehwa Institute bolstered its presence in Songreung between 1945 and 1949. They inaugurated Sehwa Hospital, and expanded the Sehwa Academy, wich had been open since 1932. Westerners largely staffed both facilities. Suho attended the academy and became fluent in English. He had a natural command of it and his intelligence was a source of great pride for my parents. He even taught me how to read and write the language. My admiration for him grew with each passing day. I wanted to be just like him. I still practiced using the recorder he had given me so many years ago. It was my personal way of following in his footsteps.

The Summer of 1950, Sumi[edit | edit source]

Nothing could have prepared us for the horror to come in the summer of 1950. Our entire district fell into turmoil when word arrived that North Korean forces had crossed the 38th parallel. My family listened to a radio announcement from President Rhee, who urged citizens to stay in Seoul and trust the government in spite of the impending dange. My family knew what was coming, so we quickly packed what we could carry and fled the burning city on foot. We made it across the Han Bridge moments before our own forces destroyed it. It was the most difficult journey in our lives. Through much suffering and heartache, we finally found our way to Busan, the last city standing. It was there that Suho, then a 16-year-old boy, announced he would join other students as volunteer soldiers. I protested in anger to no avail.

Days of Dread, Sumi[edit | edit source]

The enemy surrounded Busan, and my family was trapped. A sick feeling of impending doom loomed over us. Thorugh the coming weeks, our family would often huddle in somber silence around the radio. We were desperate for any news of the struggle raging around the city. I learned Suho was stationed at the Busan perimeter with other ROK forces under American command and sent a photo of myself through a local contact to lift his spirits. One day, word of General Douglas MacArthur's incheon landing reached us. The feeling of hopelessness, concerning our dire circumstances, soon yielded to cautious optimism.

My Exodus, Sumi[edit | edit source]

In september, the news that UN forces retook Seoul vindicated our feelings. Despite these positive outcomes, we had received no correspondence from Suho. We assumed he was in Seoul with those same forces. Months turned to years as the fighting continued. My parents were grief-stricken, but life went on - hollow as it was. Hope was all we had left. In the early spring of 1953, I got into a serious argument with my mother. Looking back I can't even remember what our fight was about. The sharp sting of her slap is still fresh in my memory. I waited until my parents fell asleep and, with emotions running high, hurriedly packed some belongings and fled into the night.

Journey to Seoul[edit | edit source]

I set upon a precarious journey to Seoul with almost nothing to my name, but the clothes on my back and a handful of belongings I had hastily packed. I felt a spiteful pride knowing my actions compounded my mother's grief. This was how I'd punish her for slapping me. My sense of liberation heightened with each passing step. I was reliant on the goodwill of strangers to usher me closer to my destination. The art of deception somehow came naturally to me, and I honed my craft of it on adults every day. Light fingers ensured I never went hungry. There was no true end goal, only a vague notion of reuniting with Suho and finding happiness. After many setbacks, I had finally arrived in Seoul.

City of Rubble, Sumi[edit | edit source]

Years of artillery bombardment had leveled Seoul to the ground. I wandered the city streets aimlessly and in state of disbelief. Dilapidated buildings remained and had fallen into disrepair due to years of neglect. Residents had erected shanty towns in remnants of neighborhoods once bustling with life. It was unrecognizable. Exhausted from my long journey, I eventually found a quiet alley and fell asleep on the street. I awoke with a start after experiencing a vivid dream. I felt naturally drawn to Songreung, the district we had settled in eight long years ago. I did not know my life was about to change forever.

Reunited, Sumi[edit | edit source]

I arrived in Songreung to find much of our neighborhood had suffered the same fate as the rest of the city. My search continued, and then I saw it; amidst the rubble and ruin, our home. Dust and ash dulled its appearance, but there it stood, alone and defiant. The front door was ajar, and I walked through, cautiously reacquainting myself with the interior. I moved inside the old bedroom my brother and I once shared. Suho was there, still in his military uniform, collapsed in the room's corner. I looked into his eyes, but the light within had gone. An open amulet was resting in his hand, with the photo I had sent him inside. Sorrow overtook me and I fell there. My tears did not subside until I had fallen asleep.

Seho's Notes[edit | edit source]

Cleaning Duty, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

My strange journey started in the most mundane way possible. As usual, Myung-gil had been causing problems for Taehoon and I. One day we tired of shuttling bread for him and his goon squad. When things came to a head, it go our teacher Mad Dog's attention. I thought he'd side with us against the bullies, but the old fart put us on a storage room cleaning duty. We started that evening after school. The room looked like it hadn't been dusted in half a century. While Taehoon went about cleaning with the diligence of a bee, I used the extra time to look through some boxes.

The Rosewood Recorder, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

I found a leather case with brass latches while rummaging thorugh one box. I remember feeling instantly drawn to it. It was like the rush you get while gaming in a PC room when you discover some kinda unique item during your dungeon run. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was just some crappy rosewood recorder. I'm not musically inclined, so I asked Taehoon if he knew how to play it. He said it looked old and useless and he wouldn't dream of putting it near his mouth. I guess the contrarian in me didn't appreciate his dismissive attitude, so I took it home.

A White Lie, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

Dad's always been a pain in the ass. It didn't help that he was super disappointed with my marks that semester. When I came home with the recorder, he asked me where I got it. I told him I was enrolling in music lessons to get him off my back. Can you believe he smiled? I've honestly never seen the old man so happy. He even offered to pay for after school lessons. Well, how was this for a plan? I took him up on the offer and used that extra pocket change at the PC bang instead. If he tested me, I could belt out a few tunes I learned in grade school.

Music Lessons, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

I ran into Myung-gil one day and he threatened to take my money. Mrs. Noh, the music teacher, was nearby, and I called out to her. I gave her Dad's cash and said I wanted to join her after school music class to practice the recorder. That got rid of Myung-gil, but I was still on the hook for music lessons in the evening. I was absolutely fuming about the whole situation. Just my luck! I remember wondering whether the recorder was even a legit instrument. Everyone else was studying violin or piano. I was definitely gonna look like an idiot!

Old Sheet Music, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

I got to Mrs. Noh's room early. She asked if I had ever played the recorder before and I told her that was my first class since grade school. I opened the case and discovered some old sheet music tucked beneath the velvet compartment holding the recorder parts. She reviewed it and said the first pages were perfect for beginners, although the other pieces looked a little more advanced. I was stuck there, so I gave it a shot. Never, in my wildest dream, could I have imagined the new possibilities this would open for me.

Challenge Accepted, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

Can you believe it? The music lessons grew on me. After a few months, I even became proficient with the recorder. I'd practice at home and that sped up my progress. Mrs. Noh told me she'd never seen such quick progress. Who'd have known that yours truly had such a musical gift? We worked through the sheet music from the easiest to most difficult pieces. There was one piece in particular, I couldn't nail. Noh set it as a milestone challenge for me and I happily accepted. I started staying in the school even later to continue practicinh. Sometimes I was even the last one out, but I was getting closer to my goal.

Strange Company, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

I stayed late at the school one night to finish some overdue homework. I had taken the recorder out and left it on the desk while doing my work. At some point, I must have dozed off. When i woke up, the school was dark and everyone had left the building. To make matters worse, my phone was dead and someone locked the doors. I looked out one window, but all I could see was a creepy, black void. That's when I started to panic. Then she arrived. I'd never seen this girl before, but she was a total 10/10. She was wearing an old Sehwa uniform, wich was a little weird. She seemed to expect me too. Hey, I wasn't about to complain...

Black Magic Girl, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

She told me to cal her Noona. I don't know why she insisted on being called "big sister" - she looked my age, if not even younger. She took my hand and led me through the school's dark halls. She looked so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I couldn't believe this hottie even wanted to spend time with me. I was so caught up in the moment I almost forgot how weird the whole situation was. She was super curious about "my world" and we talked for what felt like hours. She seemed stuck in the past. At one point, she asked if I'd like to see something neat. Who was I to refuse? She walked to the center of the room and began levitating.

The Codex Illuminus, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

She told me all these powers could be mine...and more. She would happily teach me her secrets for a price - she asked only that I give her the rosewood recorder, which she claimed was a personal family heirloom. Something didn't feel right though. I told her I needed more time to consider it. Then I woke up for real, but I knew what I saw wasn't just a dream. I couldn't stop daydreaming about what I'd do with those killer abilities; maybe I'd teach Myung-gil a lesson he'd never forget. I knew I had to go back, but I needed to prepare. I searched the old storage room for more clues. That's when I found an old tome called the Codex Illuminus, it confirmed all my suspicions...

My Pet Succubus, Seho Gill[edit | edit source]

I had entered a shadow realm called The Coma. That girl was the local "Shade" of Sehwa High. My rosewood recorder is a Relic - my key to returning. If I was to believe the Codex Illuminus, these Relics could even control the Shades that had imprinted on them. I had the key, the book, and the moxie - why not have my cake and eat it too? I went back and this time I played the recorder in front of her. She appeared restrained by invisible chains as she tried to attack. She nearly took my arm, but I finally had her under control. I had total domination over my very own dark kingdom with a pet succubus to do my bidding!

Sehwa Institute Dossier[edit | edit source]

The Shadow Realm, Sehwa Institute Dossier[edit | edit source]

The Coma is a shadowy manifestation of elements from the waking world. Vivid daydreams, feeling of déjà vu, fantastic occurrences, and strange rumors; everyone has experienced The Coma, yet few know its true nature. We perceive its minor aspects because it connects with us. Most people will brush off these encounters with the supernatural as fleeting lapses in lucidity. They are, however, so much more. These are fragments of another world - in fact, small clues of its existence. Those, who explore beyond the veil of its borders, may attain eldritch powers and commune with dark spirits.

Shamans, Sehwa Institute Dossier[edit | edit source]

The Shamans have known of The Coma since the dawn of humanity. Legend holds that all shaman can trace their matrilineal descent back to a common ancestor.This proto-shamanic entity has gone by many names through the centuries. She is now commonly referred to as Baba Yaga. The shamans' tribal ancestors lived on the fringes of civilization, praticing black magick and animism. They learned that human emotions and the actions that spur them, feed the shadow realm's very existence. Their rituals allow them to commune with entities beyond our world. This eldritch knowledge made them at once feared, respected, and reviled. Through the centuries, their sustained contact with the dark transmuted their very blood. They are a potent force to reckon with. They have given counsel to heroes and kings of renown and continue to steer the course of human history in profound ways.

Shadows, Sehwa Institute Dossier[edit | edit source]

We cast shadows under sunlight, as we do in The Coma. Shadows are sentient manifestations of our subconscious thoughts. The more powerful someone's spirit is, the more lucid his or her Shadow will be. We call these entities, "Sober Shadows". They exhibit the suppressed feelings of their waking world counterpart. Conversely, weak spirited people will manifest "Mad Shadows" - tortured creatures that will attack anything on sight. They act upon their basest desires. Some Shadows do not spring from humans at all; they come from rumor collectives so powerful, they are literally memed into existence.

Flesh Thralls, Sehwa Institute Dossier[edit | edit source]

Flesh Thralls are macabre entities constructed, through the use of eldritch blood magick, to serve the whims of their masters. They may be mindless or possess cunning intelligence. Their powers wax and wane withe the influence their masters exert over the domains in wich they roam. It is a powerful agent of force and will carry out its master's bidding with a single-minded focus. These creatures also have the limited ability to phase into new locations, allowing them to traverse vast distance in seconds. Should a Flesh Thrall's creator die, however, it too will suffer the same fate.

Shades, Sehwa Institute Dossier[edit | edit source]

Shades are powerful, local spirits that inhabit The Coma. They are sentient manifestations of the collective emotions, historical traum, and human routines associated with a specific area. Shades are highly territorial and will go through great lenghts to exert control over the domains that bind them. Shadows naturally gravitate toward the willpower of their Shade. While these entitiesmay be beign or dangerous, they are often deceitful and willing to manipulate gullible humans to achieve their ends. Their surroundings influence their forms, and it is unknown to what degree they may control their appearances. In rare occurrences, a Shade may manifest from the powerful emotions of a single individual from the Waking World.

The Notemen, Sehwa Institute Dossier[edit | edit source]

The Notemen are Shades bound to a local domain and cursed with an unending compulsion to record the thoughts and utterings of folks from the Waking World. Unlike their brethren, they are naturally attuned to receive this information, no matter how discreet it may be. It also seems they show no discrepancy between what they record, aside from a tendency to focus on darker thoughts. They do this in the form of loose-leaf notes, sticky memos, or scrawls left on the walls. Despite their highly compulsive nature, they can still be unpredictable and contact with them should be conducted cautiously.

Dokkaebi, Sehwa Institute Dossier[edit | edit source]

The Dokkaebi are semi-legendary creatures well-known in Korean folklore. These "Goblins," while technically classed as Shades, have distinct attributes that separate them from their more common brethren. They possess an innate ability to use powerful magick, unmatched in the Shadow Realm, that may manifest in the form of blue Goblin Fire. They are also alchemists skilled in transmuting metals and concocting various elixirs. Dokkaebi are mischievous tricksters with a penchant for pranks. One only strikes bargains with them at their own peril. Koreans named Dokkaebi Markets after the elusive nature of these entities and their ability to vanish.

Jang-mi's Notes[edit | edit source]

Ancient Pedigree, Jang-mi[edit | edit source]

My childhood was anything but ordinary. In fact, my earliest memory was from a crib. I remember my motther's smiiling face looking down at me. I even remember her soothing voice as she sang a lullaby. The warmth, her touch, and the atmosphere of the room embedded in my mind - more of a felling, yet still so vivid. Years later, I learned that most peaople considered this peculiar. This did not surprise my parents. When I was four years old, they told me I was a special child. Unlike other children, I had the blood of Shamans, and this endowed me with abilities that required cultivation. My homeschooling began on that day. It was a curriculum especially designed to hone my latent powers for the fight to come.

Clarity in Purpose, Jang-mi[edit | edit source]

My family can trace its ancestry in the Yeongnam region back for many centuries. Some trainees undergo a rigorous initiation ceremony to become shamans. Others have a symbiotic relationship with a possessive spirit. I inherited the exclusive right to perform rituals in our home district through my family's distinct lineage. From the age of four I began the observation, study, and practice of basic ceremonial rites at a remote shrine. I would perform these, under the strict tutelage of the shamanka, so often over the coming years that they became second nature to me. These rites increased in complexity and ranged from dance, song, instruments, and more. I had an elite general education, but it was always clear, however, that becoming a shamanka would be my highest priority. I never truly had a choice in the matter, but the clarity of my purpose came as a great relief to me.

Born in the Fold, Jang-mi[edit | edit source]

When i was twelve, my teacher shared the true nature of my studies. She revealed that our people had protected Korea from the forces of darkness since a time immemorial. There were others like us, around the world, who shared a similar burden as well; from the Inuit of Alaska to the Bobohizan of North Borneo, those of us, who were born into the fold, were to wage an unending war agains the hostile entities seeking to spill into our realm. Historically, our people have faced much opposition and violence from those who did not understand our ways. It behooves us to continue our fight from the shadows to avoid the scrutiny of the unenlightened. On that day, I finally undestood the full weight of my responsibilities; it would be my duty to prevent a Blood Ritual and stop Vicious Sister's attempt to enter the Waking World.

My Struggle Begins, Jang-mi[edit | edit source]

The rise and fall of powerfull Shades is as predictable as the ebb and flow of the tide. Every region of the world has its own monsters to contend with. They spend decades growing in influence, fear and rumor from the Waking World quietly fueling their power. These local spirits soon move beyond their locality, spreading their dark tentacles into new domains. When their desire for expansion in The Coma no longer sates them, they inevitably turn their dark gaze toward the Waking World. It is common for lesser spirits to find their wat into our realm. We can often undo their mischievous presence through simple rituals. Combating a true Shade, in our world, is another matter entirely and cause for great alarm. One need only look at such historical crises as the Bubonic Plague to understand what's at stake. And so it is that the Vicious Sister has now begun her ascent here. But I will put a swift end to her ambitions with the Moon Incense.

Yaesol's Notes[edit | edit source]

The Order, Yaesol Han[edit | edit source]

Mystery shrouds the true history of the Order of Ghost Vigilantes (or The Order). Iy is an international group composed of many powerful chapters around the world. The Shadow Ministry, a central leadership headquartered in Rome, binds them. These chapters operate independently and outside the conventional rules of law. their primary purpose is to protect the Waking World from the ever-present threat of onslaught from hostile entities within the Shadow Realm. Scholars, priests, shamans, mercenaries, and individuals of interest make up its ranks. These people possess unique skill sets and wield great political influence. The Shadow Ministry provides directives to its Ministers (or Bishops), who oversee local chapters.

The Book of Memories, Yaesol Han[edit | edit source]

We lack a thorough understanding of the side effects that may occur from travelling within The Coma. However, we have seen the most basic and disastrous symptoms that may befall individuals unprepared for the Shadow Realm's adverse psychological influence. Fromt the moment normal people arrive in The Coma, their general sense of identity erodes. Should an individual forget his or her name, it may already be too late to save them from insanity. Those who possess shamanic blood reduce the severity of these symptoms. Alternatively, frequent journeys into The Coma may result in the spiritual conditioning required to withstand the Shadow Realm's adverse effects. Regardless, it is advisable to record one's name in The Book of Memories as a safeguard to possibly losing one's identity.

Shadow Telecom, Yaesol Han[edit | edit source]

The Ghost Vigilantes established a mobile network within The Coma called Shadow Telecom. Traditional forms of long-distance communication do not function in the Shadow Realm. The necessity of maintaining close contact with other agents while conducting high-stakes missions prompted priorization of the network's establishment. Before a mission begins, modified Base Transceiver Stations are erected in selec locations to provide optimal coverage. Return expedition reuse these resilient BTS relays. The network is constantly expanding and is a reliable means of communicating. these phones are fully functional in the Waking World and their securely encrypted lines safeguard against government interference.

Relics, Yaesol Han[edit | edit source]

We use Relics (or Totems) to traverse the boundary separating the Waking and Shadow Realms. A Relic's pull into the Shadow Realm will be stronger if it connects with a location's tragic history. The Coma naturally draws and anchors those who possess Relics within it. Without full possession of a Relic, leaving the Shadow Realm is impossible since it acts as a totemic vessel to phase between realities. Every Relic has both Waking and Shadow Realm forms. Relics brought into The Coma will usually manifest in their normal physical forms, but this isn't always the case. Some powerful Relics can even bestow their owners with abilities that many consider unnatural.

Hellion, Yaesol Han[edit | edit source]

Hellion, or "Hell Money", is currency that holds great value in the Shadow Realm. The practice of traditionally burning hell money as an offering to the deceased began in China. These currencies have regional variants in The Coma and the entities there trade their otherworldly goods for it. In Korea, these spirits prefer the traditional coins bearing a resemblance to Joseon era money. True Hellion is difficult to come by in the Waking World; in most cases, a shaman ritualistically blesses these coins in the final stage of their minting process. Similar paper currencies also exist outside of Korea.

Shadow Incense, Yaesol Han[edit | edit source]

This unusual item appears to be ordinary sticks of incense, although the materials that composes them remain a mystery. Sober Shadows or merchants in Shadow Realm will trade it for Hellion. When burned, these sticks release an aromatic smoke that instantly calms any Mad Shadows within their immediate vicinity. This makes Shadow Incense an especially indispensable commodity for adventurers exploring The Coma, since the realm is often fraught with hostile entities.

Shamanic Lore[edit | edit source]

The Walhyang, Shamanic Lore[edit | edit source]

The Walhyang (Moon Incense) is an ancient relic and a traditional blade that was used to conduct shamanic rituals by Korean mudangs. Its continued use in these rituals over many centuries has instilled it with special powers. The complete blade can ferry its bearer between the Waking World and The Coma. When blessed with the Holy Waters of Separation, it can even destory Shades and other entities of the Shadow World. Only a ruby, charged with light from a Super Blood Moon, can reveal its true powers. One must re-sheathe the blade after it has fullfiled its purpose to protect its unique properties.

Taejo's Mirror, Shamanic Lore[edit | edit source]

Shamanic tradition holds that Taejo's Mirror is an ancient relic that was used to communicate across space-time. In the glow of a Super Blood Moon, those of shamanic ancestry may use the mirror to communicate with individuals from the previous phase of the Super Blood Moon. It is said that even physical objects can pass through the mirror. leaders have often relied on shamans to consult with oracles from the future using the mirror. The knowledge gained from these dialogues has been used to satisfy simple curiosity or guide successful revolutions. Korea's unbroken like of shamanic heits traditionally passed down the mirror from generation for centuries. This changed in the early 20th century, when the Sehwa Institute discovered and confiscated the mirror.

Blood Rituals, Shamanic Lore[edit | edit source]

Blood Rituals are an esoteric shadow art most commonly used by powerful Shades to possess the bodies of the living. This allows Shades the ability to traverse the boundary that separates the Waking and Shadow Realms. While the payoff is highly beneficial, the ritual requires many unlikely conditions to align. This makes it difficult to perform. The first requirement is that the Shade must conduct the ritual on the night of a Super Blood Moon. This is when the boundary between realms is at its weakest. Second, the Shade must possess the Relic associated with his or her creation. Third, the Shade must have a Vessel to transfer its spiritual essence into - the body of a mortal human. Finally, the Shade must have the original Relic which brought the human into The Coma. The result is complete possession og the human subject's body in the Waking World.

Blood of the Ancients, Shamanic Lore[edit | edit source]

Oral tradition holds that the latent powers of Shamanic blood awoke in certain individuals during the dawn of humanity, thus blessing them with Sight Beyond. They used their powers to travel beyond the boundaries of the known Waking World. They returned from these dangerous expeditions into the unknown with the boon of knowledge for their fellow man. Society both feared and respected the mysterious arts they practiced. They refined their knowledge over many millennia, passing on their traditions and ritual. Today, their descendants wage an unending war against hostile entities from the Shadow Realm. The Miko of Japan, the Bobohizan of North Borneo, the Mudang of Korea - their legacy spans the globe and connects them in this crusade of light.

Minsu's Notes[edit | edit source]

My Rite of Ordination, Minsu[edit | edit source]

Having completed my service as deacon, the time for my Rite of Ordination was finally upon me. I remember the day vividly, but not because of the special milestone it represented in my journey to enter the Catholic Priesthood. The Church was to ordain two of my fellow brothers and I. We prostrated ourselves before the altar while the religious faithful sang the Litany of the Saints. Following this, I watched as each brother knelt before the bishop to receive his prayer. When it was my turn, I too knelt before him and closed my eyes. He placed his hands upon my head to confer his silent blessing.

White Light, Minsu[edit | edit source]

What I expected to be a symbolic gesture invoking the Holy Spirit, turned out to be much more. A brilliant white light instantly blinded me. A peculiar calm overtook me, and I heard a voice that penetrated my very being. It spoke to me with a dignified tranquility: "Behold, she cometh with the shadows; and every eye shall see her, and all kindreds of the earth shall weep before her." The voice's message would continue to haunt me through the years. I began my work at the archdiocese of Seoul overseeing certain administrative functions before they assigned me to a small parish on the outskirts of the city.

The Strange Case of Joanna Lee, Minsu[edit | edit source]

I grew intimately familiar witth our vibrant community. One day a young woman entered the confessional to speak with me. I knew her as a newer member of our congregation. She began by recounting her sins before her confession took a turn for the peculiar. She thought God was punishing her family for some unknown indiscretion. When I inquired why she believed this, she told me that her daughter had recently taken ill and, after overcoming that sickness, began to display aberrant behaviors. Her symptoms progressed more dramatically with each passing day and now sharing the same house frightened her. If her story was true, she would have me believe a malicious spirit possessed her daughter.

A Fateful Visit, Minsu[edit | edit source]

I paid a visit to the family's remote home one evening. The parents had confined the girl to her room. The father told me they had recently moved into the house. They initially believed their daughter had suffered a psychological break because of an illness she picked up after the move. As the days progressed, her symptoms worsened. He explained a new entity had overwhelmed his daughter's personality and had taken her place. I asked to see her, and he wordlessly led me to the door of her room. Before entering, he cautioned me by saying, "It's dangerous. It knows thing. Be careful."

Encounter With a Demon I, Minsu[edit | edit source]

I asked to enter Joanna's room alone. Inside, I found the girl listlessly gazing out her window. She did not acknowledge my presence when I first spoke her name. The second time I called her, she turned her head slowly in my direction. Her countenance was dark, and she spoke in an unearthly, ominous tone, "You keep calling me that nam, priest. Did your God not bless you with eyes to see?" Wounds of self-inflicted bruises and open sores riddled her body. Joanna, or the creature that had possessed her, slowly approached me. She studied my face, her own expression betraying a mild amusement. "You are here because you believe your faith can help these people. How deliciously naive you are, priest!"

Encounter with a Demon II, Minsu[edit | edit source]

"Your prayers have no power here," the creature laughed. I asked whom I was addressing and an insidious smile flashed across her face, "My name is Umbra, for we are Shadows." The demon revealed various facts of my life in a vulgar tirade, meant to belittle me. When I raised my hand against the creature, it gripped my arm and threw me across the room with an unearthy strenght. It was then I knew the power of this spirit was beyond my abilities, and I left in haste to seek help. Though unusual, I knew my concerns were best brought directly to the bishop.

Trained Professionals, Minsu[edit | edit source]

The bishop seemed unwavered by my story. He nodded in silent understanding and revealed that Joanna was beyond the remedy of a traditional exorcism. Umbra would require the aid of trained professionals. He seemed familiar with the demon's name. When I inquired about this, he told me of spirits unrelated to fallen angels. These were maligned beings from a shadow realm of our own creation. He gave me an old rosary and said, "This will be your Relic. You must use it to journey into the Shadow Realm and free this girl from Umbra's grasp." Fortunately, I would not be alone; our allies, the Ghost Vigilantes, soon arrived.

Calm Before the Storm, Minsu[edit | edit source]

The Ghost Vigilantes immediately went to work. Their inquires revealed a deep understanding of the situation at hand. When they asked about my encounter with Umbra, I recounted my experience and told them the family had recently moved into a new home. The agents asked me to take them there. The next day, before departing, the bishop brought a vial of water to me, "These are Holy Waters of Separation. We can only use them within the shadow realm. Remember your teachings and perform the rite of exorcism. The Ghost Vigilantes will guide you... they know our ways."

Into the Dark, Minsu[edit | edit source]

We arrived at Joanna's home around midnight. With her parents' permission we entered the room. It took great effort, but the three of us restrained and bound the girl securely to her bed frame. The Ghost Vigilantes began a meticulous search of the room. A hidden space beneath a floorboard yielded what they were searching for --- a small box containing an old signet ring. One of them spoke up, "This is the Relic she had. She couldn't have known. There may still be time to help her though." With that, one agent asked me to close my eyes, and he said an invocation. I clutched the bishop's rosary tightly and opened my eyes when he finished.

The Coma Revealed, Minsu[edit | edit source]

I found myself in a strange place. The room had eroded into a dilapidated, grotesque version of itself. "Welcome to The Coma," one agent said after noting my surprised expression. We turned to see Joanna, bound to the bed and screaming for help, the shadowy figure of Umbra crouched over her. I began the rites of exorcism and concluded with a prayer to Saint Michael. I dashed the Water of Separation on Umbra and it fled, screaming into the night. We unbound the girl and the Ghost Vigilantes gave her the signet ring. We made the journey back to the Waking World with their invocation, and she rejoined her family. I now realize the voice I heard during my Rite of Ordination was a calling to a greater purpose in service to the Lord.

Sumi's Notes part 2[edit | edit source]

A Search for Help, Sumi[edit | edit source]

I awoke at night with Suho's amulet in my hand. An ominous feeling overtook my senses as I sat up and studied my surroundings. I was still in our family home, but it was quiet... too quiet. I decided to find an adult who could help me with my brother's body. I put the amulet around my neck and set off. I remember feeling unnerved as I wandered the streets, searching for another soul, but finding Songreung to be empty. My path eventually led me to the gates of Sehwa Academy, which had also somehow survived the artillery fire that destroyed mych around it. The distinct shadow of a person, looking out to the city, was cast against a lit window. perhaps I'd find some help there.

Entering Sehwa Academy, Sumi[edit | edit source]

I passed the creaky gates and knocked on the front door. There was no answer, but a simple twist of the knob let me in. A well-maintained interior greeted me. I nervously made my way through the academy's halls to the upper floors of the building, looking for the lit room. I eventually found it deserted. An old, leather-bound tome sat open upon a candle-lit desk. Various people had scrawled their names throughout its pages. The ink had barely dried on the page where these signatures ended. I made out the inscription which bore the initials of one, "YSH".

A Soulful Melody, Sumi[edit | edit source]

I continued searching the school and calling out for help to no avail. Had my eyes been playing tricks on me? I soon found a quiet corner in what appeared to be a library and lit a candle to rummage through my belongings for any food I had. My hand found the box of the old recorder my brother had gifted me. Touching it brought back a flood of memories and tears began pouring from my eyes. After calming myself, I lifted the rosewood recorder from its case and placed it to my lips. As I played, I felt my anguish empower every note of the melody drawn from my breath. As I brought it to a close, the sound of clapping hands reverberated through the room.

Figure From the Dark, Sumi[edit | edit source]

I shot to my feet, startled by the clapping. A female figure slowly emerged from the shadows cast by the bookshelves. Had she been listening to me the entire time? A trembling voice broke the silence between us, "That melody, so sorrowful... my sister." My eyes widened in fear and confusion when the light caught her face. It was as if I staring at a reflection of myself. The girl that had walked into the light... was me. She was wearing the same clothes, and her face was still wet with tears. I stumbled back and tried to tagin my composure, but the best response I could muster was to ask, "W-who are you?"

Long-Lost Sister, Sumi[edit | edit source]

"I'm your sister. Can't you see that?" she asked with genuine confusion. I was surely experiencing some strange fever dream. I regained my composure and said, "That's not true! I don't have a sister!" Her face winced in pain. My words had stung her. She took a few cautious steps closer, and I could feel her determined gaze scrutinizing me. "You're hurt and confused. I'm your big sister and we just lost our dear brother, Suho." She knew Suho, and her pain seemed real. Did I have a twin? My mind was reeling as she placed a hand on my cheek, "We need each other now more than ever."

Mysterious Woman (I), Sumi[edit | edit source]

Before I could respond, another young woman burst into the room, startling both of us. She came forward, snatched my hand, and forcefully led me from the room and into the hallway. In the confusion, I dropped the rosewood recorder on the library floor. I struck and shouted at her to no avail; she had an iron grip on my wrist as she wordlessly pulled me along. Her serious expression betrayed a beautiful face. She had flowing black hair and bandages wrapped around her wrists. I finally gave in and followed her lead. As we turned the corner, I took one last glance over my shoulder and saw my sister's silent silhouette in the library.

Mysterious Woman (II), Sumi[edit | edit source]

She led me outside the academy. I shouted at her to let go, and she reluctantly released her grip on me. I stumbled back, massaging my sore wrist. She was deceptively strong. It didn't seem like she intended to do me any harm though. Still, I was no less confused by what had just transpired. "Who are you?!" I screamed. She was unperturbed by my outburst as she silently examined me. Instead of answering, she followed up with her own question: "How did you get here?" I told her the front door was open, and I was looking for help, but this didn't seem to satisfy her curiosity. The moonlight must have glinted off Suho's amulet, because it suddenly caught her eye.

Suho's Amulet, Sumi[edit | edit source]

She asked where I found the amulet and the specificity of her question took me aback. I told her it belonged to my brother, Suho. She then asked if I could take her to him. When I told her he was dead, she looked saddened by the revelation. "I'm sorry... he was a good man," she said. When I asked how she knew him, she told me he had done an invaluable service for our country and was a hero. She once again asked to see him and I could feel her concern was genuine. As I led her back to my home, silence filled the air between us. I had so many questions, but they could wait. I knew I would soon have my answers.

The Dagger Revealed, Sumi[edit | edit source]

She walked into my home and found my brother. She knelt beside him and gently put her hand on his face. "A sister... I didn't know we had a sister," I said. She stood up and took me by the shoulders. She spoke with fierce eyes, "That thing is NOT your sister. Do not believe a word it says." Her attention returned to my brother and a knapsack by his side. She started to open it and I protested in anger. She raised a hand to silence me and continue looking through his belongings. A moment later, her hands found the object of her search and she raised it into the light - a traditional dagger, still concealed by its silver sheath.

A Fleeting Dream, Sumi[edit | edit source]

She said my brother had gone through great lenghts to find the dagger which she called Moon Incense and that he had destroyed a mighty "Shade" named Umbra. She told me I was lucky she found me when she did and that my lookalike was another dangerous Shade she had never seen before. She took my hands and told me it was time to go back to my world. She asked me to close my eyes and imagine my family home, in happier times. Her request confused me, but she reassured me that all would be explained in time. before I complied, I asked who she was. She replied. "Yaesol Han". When I awoke, the sun was up. I was alone, unsure of wether my experience was a fleeting dream.

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