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Noteman is a supporting character in The Coma: Cutting Class and The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters.


Not much is known about the Noteman, other than that he's a shade and relatively a friendly figure. The first time the Noteman is met, he is writing notes and sticking them onto the cafeteria wall while Youngho returns in search of Yaesol. The Noteman seems agitated to be interrupted by Youngsol, but answers his question about her. When asked what he's doing, he mentions that it's his obligation to write these notes. Notes that are statements presumably from other and not directly from the Noteman himself.

He is seen throughout the building, writing notes, but is never directly encountered until the Sehwa High building starts to shake as Youngsol escapes. When Youngho does finally meet him yet again, he is writing on a chalkboard. If the player decided to reverse all of Youngho's grades and not change his grade on "Mad Dog's" (The dreaded math teacher's) computer, the Noteman will answer questions for him. However, only if the player chooses the correct questions to ask. Otherwise, he will get agitated and ask you to leave, thus you cannot ask him any more questions again.

Assuming all the right questions were asked, he answers quite a few things for Youngho. The first being that the creatures he's run into are shades, including the Noteman himself and that they are manifestations of people's deepest and darkest desires. The next question he answers is what that female shade is. He states she is a very strong shade who is most likely upset that you trespassed in her domain and that most shades are very "territorial" even to an extent that it angers the Noteman a little that Youngo is in the area because he is technically a trespasser. The final thing is how to leave. The Noteman states that the pendant is the key to him leaving this room. He has to return to where he first appeared and make sure he has no regrets or unfinished business before attempting to leave. After finishing, he tells Youngho to scram.


Not much is seen from the Noteman in Under The Blood Moon. However, he can be found in a location that use to belong to the "old school". Mina crosses paths with him and the Noteman states that she shouldn't be here and that if she wishes to go where she "needs to be", she need enter a certain pattern of doors and that to leave the area, she could go through the "Wight Burrow" at the end of the hall. It is stated by the other Notemen that this Noteman has given them sanctuary to escape from Vicious Sister, since she's been threatening everyone's domain. It also becomes clear to Mina that for whatever reason, any doors that are surrounded by a line of blood are invisible to the Notemen. Thus, the directions the Noteman gave are wrong without him realizing it. But once Mina does go through the intended door patterns, she receives a vial of holy water. After leaving, not much else is known of what happens with the Noteman. Though it's assumed he travels The Coma and continues to write his notes as he always has.