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Myung-gil is a supporting character in The Coma: Cutting Class.

Myung-gil is somewhat spiteful towards most characters throughout the games. The only exception is Mina Park, but that does not mean he respects her or is any less rude towards her.

The Coma[]

Myung-gil is first shown when he calls Youngho over to talk to him about Taehoon's attempted suicide. He told him to keep his mouth shut about him bullying Taehoon or Youngho will be next. He also tells him to stay from Mina because he likes her and doesn't Youngho to go near her.

Throughout the school, notes will show that many people think that Myung-gil was stupid and that Mina wouldn't give him a chance to go on a date with her.

Youngho encoutered Myung-gil's shade in the North Building, where he was not let Youngho pass until either Mina confronts him (If Youngho helped Mina) or if he gets a pizza bread from the cafeteria. His shade admitted to killing Taehoon when he was trying to get in the North Building.

Myung-gil was shown later in the ending when he dismissed the claims that he was involved with Youngho's seizure as Mina tells him to shut up.